Brandon Boone

"High praises for Serek Basses! Fresh, vintage-inspired look with a huge tone. Its versatility is incredible. Truly one of a kind. I love playing these basses!"

Drew Felder

"I never thought I could pick up a brand new instrument and have it instantly feel like home. My Serek’s proved me wrong! The comfort is off the charts, and the tone is inspirational. I already own two, and I’m looking for excuses to order more!"

Simon Francis

"A wonderful platform for sonic expression. Such a welcoming and responsive instrument: my #tonehome."

Marcello Giuliani

“I have been looking for a bass that combines high-quality, hand made instruments with a ‘Roots’ sound for a long time… I finally found it!!Jake builds his instruments by himself from start to finish. And he also found the time to answer all of my requests. With one pickup and two knobs, the bass is very effective in all situations. The Midwestern is the new standard for me!”

Demonterious “DETOXXX” Lawrence

"Small Bass...HUGE TONE! Gorgeous vintage look, amazing feel, very versatile and useful sounds. Everything that I need is in this bass. I had been looking for a five string that fits in the overhead bins on the planes while not compromising quality/sound and this MW2 is a dream come true! It’s fun to play and definitely makes it’s mark whenever I use it!"

Tim Lefebvre

“Right out of the shop, right into the studio. What a clever and useful bass. Awesome to play, sounds woolly and unique.”

Jeremy Lewis

“What Jake has done with this bass is borderline impossible: Massive, uncompromising tone coupled with silky-smooth playability and grand piano-like clarity, all in a medium scale. A true unicorn in the bass world and the last bass I'll ever need.”

Dan Maines

“The Serek Midwestern is a beast. It’s ridiculously fun to play, the build is flawless, and the tone is massive. I feel inspired every time I pick up this bass. Now I gotta check out the other models!”

Satomi Matsuzaki

“I like jumping around on stage so I have been using Hofner for almost twenty years but when Jake brought me his hand crafted bass at sound check on tour, I totally fell in love! It sounds like a king. It makes a beautiful deep round tone like Rickenbacker yet it’s light as feather.”

Matt O’Donnell

“I want the first bass I grab on stage or in the studio to cover a ton of sonic ground. It’s a lot to ask, but Serek instruments stand up to that with minimal effort. It took absolutely no time at all for this to feel like MY bass.”


“My Serek Midwestern bass is a great player, and has a huge sound! It sounds great in the studio, and is surprisingly versatile. I’ve used it to record mellow americana tracks, and I’ve used it to record hard hitting rock tracks. The Midwestern excels in every situation, and is just a really cool bass! Kudos to Jake for creating such great pieces of functional art!”


“It feels and sounds like an instrument of full-range musicality and my Midwestern is the rarest of monsters: A shorty that holds it’s own, thump-for-thump, against it’s full-scale cousins.”

Kevin Scott

“Serek basses are tone and feel monsters. It’s rare for a bass to be so versatile and also look so good. Just looking at the instrument, I will want to play it. Every time it’s in my hands I feel inspired to play music.”

Jop Van Summeren

“Ever since I got my Midwestern 2, I haven’t really played anything else. Sounds amazing and feels like home.”

Tone Whitfield

“Jake Serek has captured the vibes and aesthetics of vintage basses with his own modern enhancements. Super comfortable to play with a hugely punchy sound. My MW2 SLAYS!!!”